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Here are some places you have to visit when your are in Lisbon

There are many sightseeings in Lisbon which are liked by visitors. You can visit these places and have fun when you are in Lisbon. Many tourists are visiting different places in Lisbon and gathering important memories for the rest of their lives.


Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon
The Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon

This is an old church in Lisbon which was made in ancient times. This church is a part in a large monastery. There are many sections in this church which are filled with beauty. Large size and beautiful sections in this church are liked by visitors and they are always preset in this place and like to come back from time to time. It was made around 1500s and still it is managed properly and present in good condition to support many tourists at a time.


This is an old castle which is attractive ad massive in size. It is giving ideas related with history when it was used for protection of the main parts of the city. There are many important places of the interior of the city which can be seen easily through this castle. This castle is present on a hill and at the entrance is an old museum and down the hill there are many important spots which are liked by visitors.


This is an old museum which is showing collections from different parts of the world. The number of collections was small in the past but now these are increased and visitors are able to have a large collection of different types of things. You can check things related with different times in the past in this museum and have fun with great wealth of knowledge about historical things.


This is an old district which was made in the past and now it has many advanced structures which are attracting tourists. Longest bridge in Europe is also located in this district which is filled with attraction and visited by many people. There is a large aquarium and a large casino in this place which are offering many attractive things for visitors.

Belém Tower

Belem Tower - Torre de Belém
The Belém Tower in Lisbon at the Rio Tejo

This is an ancient tower and it was made in 1500s. UNESCO has declared this old and ancient watch tower as an important monument. Many visitors are visiting this watch tower and they like to see its large size and strength. Design and style of this watch tower is attractive and inviting for all types of visitors.


This is a free museum in which different things of past are presented for visitors. A rich man started this museum which is now very popular due to large collection o things. Visitors like to visit this museum as it is free to be visited and it is offering top class environment with a great wealth of knowledge and things related with past.


These are some of the best sightseeings in Lisbon which are liked by visitors. When you are planning to visit to Lisbon then you must visit these places. There are many other important spots which will attract you and give you a good time while you are traveling Lisbon.

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