Portugal Traveling Spots

Picture of the Skyline of Porto, Portugal
The Ribeira of Porto, Portugal.

Traveling to Portugal

Portugal is a country that will impress you! If you are looking for a new traveling destination to spend your holidays, than Portugal is the right choose.

What you will find in this article

Portugal is blessed with rugged coastline, tremendous sandy beaches, architecturally-stunning cities, as well as a pleasant weather. With numerous great food and delicacies, and lots of wine, you can expect Portugal to be a perfect holiday spot. The best part, both the food and wine are cheap. Portugal is a country you’ll never become tired of visiting.

Due to the fact that Portugal is situated at the tip of Europe and not as centrally-connected when compared with other countries a lot of individuals hardly visit this fantastic, but underrated country. Since the crowd is not much, anytime you visit, you get to have a memorable experience of what Portugal has to offer.

In case you happen to be a lover of personalized and hospitable locations where food and wines, pilgrimages and festivals are like business cards, the historical villages, and cities in the north of Portugal is likewise a perfect place for your next holiday vacation.

How expensive ist the public transport in Portugal?

In Portugal, you can purchase a City metro ticket for as low as 1.50 EUR. Intercity buses and trains are quite cheap. Buses and trains running between Lisbon and Porto cost about 20-40 EUR, while cross-country bus running between Lagos and Lisbon cost between 20-42 EUR.

Also, taxis in Portugal’s cities usually cost less than 12 EUR. One this is quite prevalent in Portugal is cycling. You can find several bike rentals in all the major cities in Portugal. If you know how to ride one, that’s a plus for you. For as low as 14 EUR, you can rent a basic bicycle for a whole day.

Great City’s to explore

Lisbon the Capital City

Picture of the Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge
The Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge in Lisbon

The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon is an incredible city. After your first visit, you may not feel like leaving. Lisbon is located along the west coast of Portugal. Featuring an excellent combination of historic buildings, museums, eclectic music and nightlife, town squares, and lots of cafes to appreciate the incredible view of the city. With lots of beautiful things to enjoy about the city, your visit will forever remain a memorable one.

Porto – City of Opportunities

Picture of the Ribeira in Porto
The Ribeira of Porto at the Douro

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. In the Ribeira district, you will find a world heritage zone of churches and winding streets which still retains the traditional or custom feeling and atmosphere you can always expect a historic city to offer.

Looking for some Porto tips?:

Even though Porto might not be as exclusive as Lisbon, nevertheless, Porto still boasts of a gorgeous riverside city which is filled with an abundance of wine, good food, riverfront cafes, and numerous other exciting places. In Porto, you will also find famous port vineyards.

Lagos – Party in Summer

In case you are the type that gets fascinated about quiet beaches, your trip to Portugal is incomplete without visiting the Portuguese town of Lagos. Here, you will be thrown into a world of excellent sea food dishes, wild nightlife, and bubbling beaches.

During summer, Lagos becomes the partying center for backpackers. Expect endless booze cruises, bar crawls, as well as fun in the sun. You also have the opportunity of exploring the adjacent towns, and inlets.

“Portugal is a country that brings all kind of people together to enjoy life and spend time till late night.”

Money Saving Travel Tips

If you are visiting Portugal for the first time, the following are some money saving tips that can ease your trip, making you enjoy the holiday more.

Remember: On Sundays, you can visit the majority of the museums for free!

Metro buses are cheaper than taxis, for your transport, unless you are looking for convenience, it is advisable to use metro buses. You will even be able to meet people and appreciate the wonderful view of the city.

In case bread and olive are offered to you before you are served you a meal, they are not free. It may be better for you to say no.

In Portugal, you will find lots of family-run inns known as Pensão. They are relatively cheap, and at the same time offer excellent lodgings. They can be a great alternative to a hotel. You will also be able to get a local host to show you around.

Interesting Places to Visit

Palm Trees of Portugal
Beautiful Palm Trees are everywhere in Portugal

Here you find more destinations in the north of Portugal.

Visit Batalha

Batalha is a World Heritage Monument, which was built in 1388. Batalha remains one of the last Gothic masterpieces in Europe. On walking across the massive and remarkable Gothic doorway, what you get to see are 16th-century stained-glass windows used in the interior of the church.

Walk around the Abbey of Santa Maria

The Abbey of Santa Maria remains the biggest building construction of the Cistercian order of Europe. You will be able to walk around the abbey at your leisure as you discover the different and fascinating parts of the building, including its seven dormitories, five cloisters, huge kitchen, and a library.

Voyage to Evora

Evora is a small town which offers lots of beautiful, fascinating and historic buildings. Evora has lots of Island which offers you a peaceful lifestyle, stunning beaches, as well as unique wildlife. A trip to the Evora Island will forever remain a last-longing memory.

Aveiro – Get into your watersports

Aveiro, about 45 miles to the south of Porto, is situated on what is often referred to as the silver coast. Aveiro is a small university town, with part of the town built on canals. The city is often referred to as “the Venice of Portugal.” Here is a good place surfing due to the winds blowing.

Cape Sagres – Stand at Europe’s edge

Cape Sagres is the most southwestern point on the continent of Europe. This was where the navigation school of Henry the Navigator was located, offering a career to many famous historical explorers.

Fado – Portuguese Music of Life

Fado can be the most melancholic music you will ever listen to. Somehow, it serves as the soundtrack for every music played in Portugal. Regardless of the fact that you may not be able to understand, the music will still get you reflective. Modern Portuguese singers such as Mariza and Ana Moura have now made fado modern and attractive.

Considering to visit Portugal

Even though Portugal might be one of most underestimated countries in the world, you still get to enjoy a vibrant and active lifestyle. In Portugal, everybody is happy and friendly, with delicious food, exquisite wine, fantastic weather, lots of fascinating places to visit, what else do you need to have an excellent and enjoyable holiday?

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