7 Sightseeings you have to visit in Porto

Ribeira of Porto
The Ribeira of Porto in Portugal

Discover some important places in Porto

Porto is an important city which is offering different types of things for visitors. This ancient city of Europe is visited by many people from different parts of the world. There are many important places which are visited and liked by visitors as these are giving them different types of important memories which are to be stored and have fun when needed when they are traveling to Porto.


Picture of Cais de Gaia in Portugal
View on Porto from Cais de Gaia, Portugal

This is an important place which is liked by many visitors. Different types of wines are made from this place in Porto and you can find wines of top class quality and also in a large variety in quality and prices from this place.


The Casa de Serralves in Porto
View from the park to the Casa de Serralves, Porto.

These are two buildings which are used as museum with a large collection of things related with past. There is a large park which is surrounding these two buildings. These are attractive buildings which are made in such a manner that these are attracting tourists. Collection in these buildings is also attractive and giving wealth of knowledge to visitors.


Casa da Musica in Porto
Casa da Música – The “House of Music” in Porto

This is a great building which is attractive and charming. This building was made by a famous architect and its presence is inviting and attracting visitors. This building has many sections which are showing mastery of arts and crafts and different sections are inviting visitors to have fun.


São Francisco Church
The São Francisco Church in Porto

This is an old church of Europe and it is large in size. Main thing about this church is that it has a large quantity of gold. Many large structures in this church are made by using gold and these are glowing with great attractiveness and beauty which is liked by visitors. Many visitors like to see the shine of gold in this church and visit this place from time to time. This is a religious building and it is visited by many people due to its charm and beauty with a lot of gold.


Cais da Ribeira in Porto
The beautiful view at the Cais da Ribeira in Porto

This is an old district in Porto which is filled with colorful things. Location and environment of this district is attractive for visitors and they are able to have fun while find different types of things. There are many places in which tourists are able to stay while in Porto and they can also do shopping in this district as many things are presented for them.


The Porto Cathedral
The Porto Cathedral (Portuguese: Sé do Porto)

This is an old cathedral which was made in 12th century. Main thing related with this cathedral is the baptism related with Prince Henry. This is a huge and attractive cathedral which is offering many attractive spots for tourists. Many people like to visit this place and gather memories related with past.


picture of the Clerigos Tower
Clérigos Tower – Porto, Portugal

This is an old and huge tower which is attractive and massive. It was made to have a look on the city. The city surrounding this tower is large but it is still in view through this tower. This ancient building is liked by many visitors.

Is Porto worth to visit?

Yes it is!. These are just some of the important place in Porto, there a lot of more. When you are traveling to Porto then you must visit these places in order to have fun while gathering sweet memories. You can also visit many other places in Porto to have fun at any time while you are visiting this place.

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